Fantasy Football 2009 Launch coming June 12th

We are expecting to launch the Draft Analyzer for Fantasy Football 2009 on June 12th. The Draft Analyzer is now a web-based application (finally!!). We will continue to have a desktop version available if you do not have internet access during your draft.


Draft Analyzer Web for Fantasy Baseball 2009

We will be launching the Draft Analyzer Web for MLB by Monday, February 16th (Update: Launching Wednesday).

The key difference for 2009 compared with past years is that the application is web-based, so you won’t need to download and install any software but you will need Internet access (Broadband is great, but WiFi or even dial-up will suffice).  The web-based version of the Draft Analyzer represents the future of this product line and we are excited to launch it in February with some great partners.  We will continue to have a desktop version available for NFL and likely for MLB 2010, but not for MLB 2009.  The MLB 2009 version will also have some limitations compared with our prior desktop application as you won’t be able to enter keepers or customize the draft order (these features will be available for NFL 2009).  I apologize for these inconveniences and hope you like the new features and advanced draft analytics of the web-based application.

Key features for Draft Analyzer Web for Fantasy Baseball 2009:

  • Web-based Application (No downloads; Internet access required during draft/auction)
  • Auction or Snake/Straight style drafts
  • AL Only, NL Only or Mixed Leagues
  • Roto or Fantasy Point scoring
  • Common league settings templates provided for fastest set-up
  • Customize your own scoring or roster settings

Feel free to email me (ted at with any questions or comments.

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