2010 Team Analysis Feature

The team analysis features for 2010 season:

• Shows what player to pick for each draft pick
• Helps draft the most optimized team for each round


2010 Draft Analyzer Web Version Features

Features for the 2010 Draft Analyzer Web Version:

• Choose your draft style: snake, auction, or straight.
• Have recommended player picks from the software to have the most optimize team.
• See how your team compares to other teams in your leagues
• View recommended picks by the software

2010 Player Analysis Features

• The Player Analysis lists the player’s projected points for 2010 along with their Average Draft Position (ADP)
• Shows the player’s consistency is to be consistent week in to week out. Their durability to play a full season based on previous injury history.
• The first graph breaks down the points for each game last season
• The next graph show their projections for the 2010 season in comparison to their previous seasons.
• The chart also shows their performance compared to the best player at that position that season, which is in grey.