Draft Analyzer now available for ESPN Insiders!

The Draft Analyzer was launched as part of the ESPN Insider on Monday, March 9th.  If you are an ESPN Insider, you can access the Draft Analyzer here.

This is the first year the Draft Analyzer is available as a web-based application (vs. a downloadable application).  You don’t need to download, install or activate any software, but you do need internet access during your draft.  I could be wrong on this (let me know if I am), but I believe this is the first advanced draft software program to work on Macs natively (i.e. without requiring an installation of Windows).



Draft Analyzer Web for Fantasy Baseball 2009

We will be launching the Draft Analyzer Web for MLB by Monday, February 16th (Update: Launching Wednesday).

The key difference for 2009 compared with past years is that the application is web-based, so you won’t need to download and install any software but you will need Internet access (Broadband is great, but WiFi or even dial-up will suffice).  The web-based version of the Draft Analyzer represents the future of this product line and we are excited to launch it in February with some great partners.  We will continue to have a desktop version available for NFL and likely for MLB 2010, but not for MLB 2009.  The MLB 2009 version will also have some limitations compared with our prior desktop application as you won’t be able to enter keepers or customize the draft order (these features will be available for NFL 2009).  I apologize for these inconveniences and hope you like the new features and advanced draft analytics of the web-based application.

Key features for Draft Analyzer Web for Fantasy Baseball 2009:

  • Web-based Application (No downloads; Internet access required during draft/auction)
  • Auction or Snake/Straight style drafts
  • AL Only, NL Only or Mixed Leagues
  • Roto or Fantasy Point scoring
  • Common league settings templates provided for fastest set-up
  • Customize your own scoring or roster settings

Feel free to email me (ted at draftanalyzer.com) with any questions or comments.

Thank you,


Overview of Draft Strategy Analysis for 2004 NFFC

***Excerpt from analysis completed November, 2004***

The following is the beginning of an in-depth look at the winning and losing draft strategies incorporated by owners participating in Krause Publication’s National Fantasy Football Championship (NFFC). The NFFC high stakes league is the top high stakes fantasy football league in the nation, pitting 224 fantasy experts from all over the country against each other in 16 head-to-head leagues. In short, this tournament has the best of the best competing for serious money.

Participants did not pay the $1,250 entrance fee to draft all the players from their favorite home town team and they don’t pass out drunk until after the draft is over! Each owner pays close attention through each of the 18 rounds and puts years of experience, months of research and 90 seconds of gut feel behind each carefully selected draft pick. Many owners even show up with the latest and greatest software applications to give them that extra edge on draft day (such as our Draft Analyzer Pro Version: www.draftdynamix.com). Therefore, there is no better draft data to analyze than the 4,032 draft picks made by 224 of the best fantasy football minds around.

The posts associated with this analysis aim to use cold hard facts and figures to answer many of the common draft day myths. Ever wonder how successful the stud RB drafting strategy truly is? Ever wonder if your fate is determined even before you draft, because you didn’t get the draft position you were hoping for? Ever wonder how much you can improve your team through free agent pick-ups? Many fantasy enthusiasts have their opinion, but we have crunched the numbers and have the answers.