ESPN Insider Launch Date is Aug. 6

We want to announce the ESPN Insider Launch date is set for August 6. The Insider package will include league integration, draft syncing (draft picks imported to the Draft Analyzer web from the ESPN draft rooms), ESPN projected stats, news and notes, and Draft Analyzer desktop use.


Drafted Players Section

The Drafted Players section shows each player that is drafted and the team that drafted him.

Roster Analysis and Projected League Standings

• Automatically updates after each draft pick
• Scroll down to each owner’s team to see their rosters
• Projected League Standings based on draft pick by each team

2010 Team Analysis Feature

The team analysis features for 2010 season:

• Shows what player to pick for each draft pick
• Helps draft the most optimized team for each round

2010 Projected Stats

View all players for a specific position:

• View the projected stats for a specific position.
• Lists all possible players
• Sort players by their ADP, projected points, bye week, auction price, and other detailed projected stats.

2010 Position and Owners Charts Breakdown

Here is the breakdown of this season’s Draft Analyzer position and owner charts:

• Breaks down your team’s projected performance by position.
• Compares your team to other teams in the league
• Shows what position your should focus on the most with your next pick by marking a position in orange in the best available by position graph.

2010 Draft Analyzer Personalized Player Analysis

Personalized Player Analysis features:

• Analyzes the 5 best players available for your current draft pick. These are personalized for your team
• Shows 2010 projected stats and the player’s ADP
• Shows their consistency and their durability
• Breaks down the individual game performances from last year
• Projects their 2010 stats in relation to their previous seasons.