Draft Analyzer for Fantasy Baseball 2011

The Draft Analyzer for Fantasy Baseball 2011 will be available by February 15th.  The Ultimate Package will include player projections from RotoWire, Accuscore and ESPN as well as integration with ESPN (automated league import and draft syncing).

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14 Responses to “Draft Analyzer for Fantasy Baseball 2011”

  1. Hank Says:

    I just joined Roto pass and see that Draft analyzer for baseball 2011 is available 2/15/2011.
    Will I need to buy DA in addition to my Rotopass subscription come 2/15 or will it just function then.

    • Ted Kasten Says:

      Hank – You should be able to access the DA using your rotopass username and password on 2/15. You don’t need to buy a separate DA license. Let me know if you are still unable to access the DA after we launch.


      • mike Says:

        i just joined rotopass, but cannot seem to login to your website from them. can you please email me as to your procedure. My browser is set up to receive cookies, so i do not believe that to be the problem.
        Thank you

      • Ted Kasten Says:

        Mike – We just uploaded all licenses for all active RotoPass subscribers…so that should have solved your problem. If you just subscribed to RotoPass, simply email us your RotoPass user name and password…we will verify your account with RotoPass and then create a license to the Draft Analyzer for you.


  2. Will S Says:

    I am an ESPN Insider and I am having trouble accessing the draft analyzer. Can you point me in the right direction?

  3. LG Says:

    Is the ESPN integration complete? I’m able to see the website, but the Get Started button doesn’t take me anywhere.


  4. Nate Says:

    if we have espn insider do we have access only through espn.com or can we also use this site?

  5. Hector Says:

    Hi Ted,

    Just subscribed to Espn Insider for access to draft analyzer. I can see my Espn league imported. My question is about the live draft – how does it start? Will the analyzer clock automatically start ticking based on the league’s draft start time? And then the software will give me advise as the draft unfolds? Will it update players to rosters as they are picked or is this something I have to do manually?

    Thanks, Hector

  6. Jeff Says:

    Does the draft analyzer on ESPN for Insiders have the aggregate projections or only the ESPN projections?

    Also, if I’m inputing keepers from my league I should just go ahead and draft and place them on the team that is keeping them? There’s no special way of denoting a keeper per se?

    Thanks a lot,


    • Ted Kasten Says:

      Jeff – Good questions. The Draft Analyzer that comes with the ESPN Insider has the ESPN projections. Only the Ultimate package that is purchased ($44.99) on draftanalyzer.com comes with the aggregated projections (for 2011 it includes ESPN, Accuscore and RotoWire).

      You can add Keepers in the Draft Analyzer. In fact, we dramatically improved this feature this year by allowing you to add Keepers by Round in addition to simply adding keepers to rosters without draft picks associated with them.

      -Adding Keepers by Round: Click the draft pick in the summary draft grid to enter a keeper at that spot in the draft.
      -Adding Keepers with no draft pick: Select Add Keepers from the League Settings drop-down menu.

      I hope that helps.


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