2010 iPhone Mock Draft Application

We have just launched the 2010 iPhone Mock Draft application for download at the iTunes store. This year’s version is available for FREE download.

This year’s version of the iPhone Mock Draft application allows users to cruise through a full mock draft in a matter of minutes. You choose the league size and your draft position to draft the best team possible. Ever wonder if you would  draft a better team if you wait to pick your QB and draft a top WR early? Want to see if you can beat the RB-RB draft theory? You can use the forward or reverse controls to quickly and easily test those strategies and more to optimize your team for the 2010 fantasy football season.

Some of the Key Features for 2010:

  • Simulate and save an unlimited number of Mock Drafts
  • Make picks for your team and for other teams or let the Player Recommendation Engine do the work
  • Select your league size, draft position and roster requirements
  • Player Rankings updated several times a week throughout pre-season
  • Utilize player rankings based on standard scoring rules or download personalized player rankings from the Draft Analyzer Web
  • Includes ADP values, bye-weeks and projected fantasy points for 2010 for all players

Don’t know your draft position yet? Practice with an early, mid or late draft spot to prepare for any scenario. Already know your draft position? Find out what players will be available for you in every round. See if a good RB will still be available for you in round 2 if you take Andre Johnson in round one. Find out what round you should grab Drew Brees or Aaron Rodgers before someone else drafts them. Try targeting players for certain rounds while still building the best overall team.

The iPhone Mock Draft application for 2010 includes the fantasy sports industry’s best Player Recommendation Engine which is key to optimizing every draft pick.


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