Draft Analyzer for Fantasy Baseball 2010

We are trying to launch the new web-based version of the Draft Analyzer for Fantasy Baseball on Monday, March 8th.  I apologize for the delay.

Thank you,



11 Responses to “Draft Analyzer for Fantasy Baseball 2010”

  1. Sam Says:

    I have ESPN Insider account, but have not been able to access the Draft Analyzer…any chance you can help me out with this ??

  2. Todd Says:

    Will this work for CBS also?

  3. Todd Says:

    Thanks! How about have 12 or more team drafts?

  4. Todd Says:

    *having a 12 or more team draft?

  5. Jon Benner Says:

    Any chance you will have a draft Anylizer for 2011 baseball and if so will it be part of the ESPN insider like last year? Thanks Jon

    • Ted Kasten Says:

      Jon – Yes! We will be launching the Draft Analyzer for Baseball 2011 by February 15th. It will be available through the ESPN Insider as well this season (we typically launch with ESPN shortly after we launch on draftanalyzer.com, but they control the final date of launch…last year we launched on March 10th, but this year we should be much earlier than that).

      Thank you,


  6. Mike Says:

    I am an insider and cannot figure out how to access the draft analyzer. It says to click “get started” and there is no get started to click on.

    • Ted Kasten Says:

      Mike – I apologize for the confusion. We are in final testing with ESPN so we had to hide that button until official launch (which should be early this upcoming week).


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