Fantasy Football 2009 Launch coming June 12th

We are expecting to launch the Draft Analyzer for Fantasy Football 2009 on June 12th. The Draft Analyzer is now a web-based application (finally!!). We will continue to have a desktop version available if you do not have internet access during your draft.


10 Responses to “Fantasy Football 2009 Launch coming June 12th”

  1. Jarrett Says:

    Web version: at least 10 players at a time should be recommended to eliminate excessive searching for players.


  2. Scott Says:

    Will your product be available to ESPN Insiders for free?

  3. Gregg Says:

    Is the desktop version available for download yet?

    • playersearch Says:

      We are putting the finishing touches on the desktop version today. We should have it ready for download tonight or tomorrow. It will have the exact same layout as last years desktop version, although you will download your settings from the web version (so you only have to do set-up once) instead of entering it into the desktop version.


      • Gregg Says:

        Not to beat a dead horse but… the desktop version ready yet? If so….where is it? I can’t seem to be able to locate it.

  4. Matt Says:

    Is the ’09 football version available on ESPN yet? Thanks!

  5. Justin Says:

    If I baked some chocolate chip cookies and mail them to you guys, do you think it would help you finish the ESPN Insider version in the next 13 days?

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