Draft Analyzer now available for ESPN Insiders!

The Draft Analyzer was launched as part of the ESPN Insider on Monday, March 9th.  If you are an ESPN Insider, you can access the Draft Analyzer here.

This is the first year the Draft Analyzer is available as a web-based application (vs. a downloadable application).  You don’t need to download, install or activate any software, but you do need internet access during your draft.  I could be wrong on this (let me know if I am), but I believe this is the first advanced draft software program to work on Macs natively (i.e. without requiring an installation of Windows).



One Response to “Draft Analyzer now available for ESPN Insiders!”

  1. Fantasy Sports Business » Blog Archive » FSB Daily 4/3: Fantazzle, Sporting News, CPR, SmackTalk, Advanced Sports Media Says:

    […] For the first time in its existence, Advanced Sports Media’s Draft Analyzer is available as a Web application (no download). The product has been included in subscriptions to ESPN Insider and Fanball’s […]

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