To Do List for MLB 2009

We are launching the Draft Analyzer Web today.  We still have a few clean-up items to work on, but expect to get most of these completed in the next 24-48 hours.  The great thing about the application now being web-based is that software updates are seamless to users, so making incremental updates (which we will do on a daily basis) won’t interrupt the user experience.  You can certainly wait to buy a license until this to do list is empty, but if you want to play around with the new software now you certainly can (we will obviously refund any purchases if we can’t finalize these features).

Here are the features we are currently working on (we will remove them as they are completed):

  • Support for Keepers (Added; Left click player name and select “Add to Roster” from context menu…)
  • One-click import of leagues from ESPN (ESPN and Ultimate licenses only)
  • Various bug fixes reported by early users (doing daily uploads at this point to fix all reported issues)

Let me know if you see anything else that clearly needs fixing.

Thank you,



4 Responses to “To Do List for MLB 2009”

  1. Jason Says:

    I’m sorry, but I need everything to be working by this monday or I’ll have to look for another draft software to purchase. My first draft is March 7th and I need to know I am going to be ready.

  2. playersearch Says:

    Jason – We are doing a major upload right now to fix the issues with custom scoring rules and league standings. We will be doing more uploads tomorrow and throughout the weekend. Certainly play around with the app on Monday and let us know if you need to use another tool. Any features in particular that you want us to prioritize?


  3. conor Says:

    There are so many bugs in this it’s driving me nuts. Why does the roster analysis say I have 500 K projected when i have more like 1000? Is this going to be cleaned up a lot more before April?

    • playersearch Says:

      Connor – We just increased the top range of the Roster Analysis to 500…sounds like we need to increase it again to 1,000…we will do that today.

      Let me know what else you find and we will clean it up. Very sorry for the hassles. We are making updates daily, so we want to have everything working 100% by April 1st if not earlier.

      Thank you for letting us know.


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