ESPN to include Draft Analyzer with ESPN Insider

ESPN to include Draft Analyzer with ESPN Insider.

More to come.

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10 Responses to “ESPN to include Draft Analyzer with ESPN Insider”

  1. Kevin Ray Says:

    I am a Insider and tried to download 2010 Draft Analyzer but it wont give me the options. It tells me to sign up for insider. When I go to log in it wont swicth over to let me download it.. Is there something else I need to do.. I have prvious years and already uninstalled it!

    • playersearch Says:

      Kevin – We are launching the Draft Analyzer with ESPN Insider on August 6th… I hope that isn’t too late for you.


      • Jason Says:

        Are you still on schedule to launch DA with ESPN Insider today? Thanks in advance for the info.

      • playersearch Says:

        We are not going to launch on ESPN today. At this point it looks like Tuesday, August 10th at best.

        We will have ESPN content included in our Ultimate Package update later today (including projections and news), so if you want a temporary license to our Ultimate package please email me your ESPN Insider Username and Password and I will create a license to our Ultimate package that will be live until we launch on ESPN. It will not have league import or draft sync until we launch on ESPN.

        I am really sorry this didn’t go live today.


      • Michael Says:

        Where we at on this? I’ve been trying to get it for a week now — and saw this mon/tues — waited patiently til today… still don’t see it.

        Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!



  2. Kevin Ray Says:

    We planning on launching before Aug 14th? I though it should already be out by now. Alot of drafts are happening and I became an insider for this option and I cant even use it?

  3. Scott Says:

    Hi I am an ESPN insider member and tried to log into Draft Analyzer based on my Username and PW for Espn and it tells me user name or password is incorrect? Do I have to get a new name for draft analyzer? If so, how? I do not see an option?


  4. FFGuru Says:

    has this been launched? Why is it that I can’t find anything on the Insider page that mentions the DA or the fact that there is no where on ESPN that promotes it. It was suppose to launch on August 6th and based on this thread it looks like there was no response even as of August 13th.

    Before I buy the Insider subscription, I’d like to know that I’m going to actually be able to get to use the Draft Analyzer with my ESPN league.

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